LUGI Thanjavur chapter 1St Annual Convention

Life Underwriters Guild of India ( LUGI ) Thanjavur chapter pleasure to announce our 1st annual  chapter convention

Aimed at promoting professional fraternity among financial services professionals, enhance their education and professional standards to share industries  best practices.The  following motivational speakers to address on that day:

01. Our Mugavar Thilagam Kovai “ Shri. P. Srinivasan”

02. Tamil Humorous orator Pulavar Ramalingam

03. International Speaker & Motivator  Shri. S.K Samy from Malaysia

04. Life Transforming Speaker, Voracious Reader and Prolific writer – Shri. Paraman Pachaimuthu

 Our  Annual Conventions are Mantra for professional success. 

Please see the details below:

Download (PDF, 957KB)

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)

Download (PDF, 247KB)

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