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14th LUGI’s Annual convention held between 11th to 13th November, 2016 at Hotel Mariott, Cochin, Kerala India. Presenting below the excerpts of the events. Watch and enjoy.


The day 01, November 11th 2016, started with the Traditional prayer with lighting of
The convention started with thewelcoming the delegates with a cultural program.


Welcome & Purpose of this Annual Convention, 2016.

The Convention committee Chairman, Mr. Venkatasubramani @ seenu,and the President of the Host Chapter, Coimbatore, welcomed the delegates. Mr. P.Srinivasan, Founder President, Mentor of LUGI, addressed on the Purpose of this Annual Convention 2016,REJUVENATE’ – learning is earning.

Leap Award – 2016 – A Journey of Recognition!!

In order to recognize the achievement of its members, LUGI now presents LUGI Excellence in Achievement Program (LEAP), an award that identifies members who have stretched themselves that extra mile to achieve something that many can only dream of. This is yet another step to recognizing members of LUGI.The Three categories’ awards, The Members’ Club, The CEOs’ Club, and The Presidents’Club reciepients are here !

FChFP – The DREAM COME TRUE Experience!

The designates of Fellow Chartered Financial practitioner! Red letter day in those who were designated to day as Fellow Chartered Financial practitioner!

Felicitation – Event Manager

The convention was organised & well coordinated by M/s Express Holidays. The event manager Mr Ganesh and his team were felicitated as the best event manager of 2016.


One of our sponsors, M/s EMPEROR TRAVELILINE being felicitated!

Fun friends excitements…

At the venue! Gossips, food, selfie, foot massage, meeting & greeting fiends, the day’s summary, HBD greetings to Mr. A.Palanisamy, President, LUGI….all fun & excitement!!

Felicitation to Dr Krishnakumar

Our prime Faculty, Dr. Krishna Kumar, is being facilitated on his Doctorate! Followed by his address.

Speech by Mr Hariharan Iyer

The Guest speaker, Shri. Hariharan Iyer, presented his lecture on “10 Power Performance Parameters “, for the benefit of All LUGI delegates.

Guest Speaker- Mr U N Subhash

” The Need of Financial Planning” by U.N.SUBHASH.CFP.

The Guest Speaker, Shri. U.N.SUBHASH.CFP., Faculty & trainer for the FChFP modules in south India. He addressed the delegates on “The Need of Financial planning”.

Guest Speaker- Mr Dushyanth Sridhar

Unconditional Surrender is Insured” (– part 1of 2)

The Guest Speaker, Shri. Dushyanth Sridhar. NEW AGE exponent, addressed , on “ Unconditional Surrender is insured”. (– part 1of 2). He is software professional and a speaker on religious texts. His bio speaks of his accomplishments with 750 + religious discourses in four languages across the globe. He teaches Vedanta on Skype and his YouTube videos have generated 2, 25,000 views, now must be more!

Unconditional Surrender is Insured (– part 2of 2)

Guest Speaker- Mr Anand Munshi

“OUTLIERS OF THE MOTIVATED ORBITS” – Roadmap for personal & professional excellence

Anand Munshi is Author, Corporate Trainer & Leadership Coach of international repute. He is India’s leading life coach columnist, touching the lives of over 20 million readers every day. His propound lectures were to be inspiring and insightful; delivery to be engaging and entertaining and approach to be consultative & result oriented, through His Motivational Talks.

Guest Speaker- Smt Sumathi Srinivas

”WE – The women empowerment”

The Guest Speaker, Smt. Sumathi Srinivas, much of her success and energy comes from her being a multi-faceted personality managing a wide gamut of activities. Running the successful monthly Women Exclusive, heading Twilit Creations – a corporate event management company, a motivational speaker, convener of the hugely successful women network EWC (Elite Women Club), Insights as an entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Guest Speaker- Dr. Smt. Padma Pothukuchi

M2 = Mo.Ma

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Smt. Padma Pothukuchi. She is a Behaviour Analyst, Educationalist and an International corporate coach (Conflicts) Visiting Faculty to many Photography Institutes.
Addressed the delegates on the topic: M2 = Mo.Ma

Guest Speaker- Mr Ranjan Nagarkatte

Concept selling of LIC plans

The Guest Speaker, Ranjan Nagarkatte – Concepts seller & Trainer in LIC products, addressed the delegates on 13th November,2016. A practical trainer with hands on experience with Celebrities & HNI clients. Ranjan has created the most powerful concept of Estate Creation.


Asia pacific Life insurer’s council congress Promotion –
by Shri Sethu karuppan

Shri Sethu karuppan,Immediate past president, NAMLIFA,along with a team of 10 delegates from Malaysia & Singapore attended the LUGI convention 2016, and promoted APLIC 2017.

Guest Speaker- Mr R.Gopinath

THE RADIUS OF MIND (– part 1of 2)

On DAY TWO – 12th November 2016, Break away session in Tamil, at Main Hall, Address by Shri R.Gopinath on “THE RADIUS OF MIND” & was followed by Question & Answer Session.The Guest Speaker, Shri. R.Gopinath, The Insurance Guru, to many of the Insurance advisors to day, delivered his address during the Tamil session of the LUGI’s 14th Annual Convention 2016.

THE RADIUS OF MIND (– part 2 of 2)
by R.Gopinath, Insurance GURU.

Mr. Gopinath is being invited to address vast audiences, across the Globe. Distinguished speaker for National Financial Congress Singapore, Jakarta Indonesia, Singapore, Life Underwriters Association Thailand & Singapore, NAMLIFA conventions Malaysia, APFINSA and APLICs covering tens of thousands of life insurance professionals at Macau, Bangkok and Singapore. Main platform speaker – FOCUS session of MDRT in 2017 at Orlando, US.
Mr.GOPINATH, the Insurance Guru, is associated with LUGI since the start of LUGI.


One of our sponsors, M/s STAR HEALTH & ALLIED INSURANCE CO Ltd, Briefed their business in India to the benefit of the delegates & being felicitated!

Felicitation to M/s CHOLA M S GENERAL INSURANCE Co Ltd

One of our sponsors, M/s CHOLA M S GENERAL INSURANCE Co Ltd. Mr. Deepak of M/s CHOLA M S, briefed their association with LUGI since 2009 & picked the 10 lucky winners among the delegates & being felicitated!

The Chief Guest address:

Shri.R.S.Suresh, Associate Vice President of M/s STAR HEALTH & ALLIED INSURANCE CO Ltd, welcome the delegates from both India & abroad and addressed the Annual convention.

Introduction of Guest Speaker:

It’s customary in LUGI the Guest speakers are being introduced by the participants / delegates from various chapters , different parts of India!
Mr.Arvind V Mani from LUGI Coimbatore chapter, also EC member Of LUGI, web in-charge – LUGI WEB MASTER, took the pleasure of introducing one of the Guest speaker, Mrs. Sumathi Srinivas of Chennai.

Special Recognition Award

Mr.Arvind V Mani from LUGI Coimbatore chapter, also EC member Of LUGI, web in-charge – LUGI WEB MASTER, took the pleasure of promotion of the LUGI convention – in print media, web, creating teasers, showcasing the venue to the professional level !

Complementing Mr.Arvind V Mani

Experts from the opening remarks by Thalaiver, Founder president & mentor, Mr.P.Srinivasan on the work of LUGI Webmaster! Complementing Mr.Arvind V Mani, EC member & WEB i/charge, who took the pleasure of promotion of the LUGI convention & showcasing the convention venue!

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