LUGI  is an organization exclusively intended for  the purpose of providing  education, enhancing the skill and knowledge of our marketing colleagues. LUGI command today 2150 members which consists of Agents, Development Officers, Agency Members, Agency Advisors, Branch Managers etc. 

LUGI is expected to cooperate with Life Insurance Companies and Financial Services Organisations in the development and expansion on Insurance services and other Financial Services in India.

The ultimate aim of the organization is to raise the status and advance the interest of the profession of Insurance Agents and Financial services Providers in India and to establish and enforce a code of ethics ,discipline in the profession.

To establish fund for scholarships and to assist and encourage members seeking education , instruction or proficiency in the profession of Life Insurance Agents and Financial Services Providers.


First Annual Convention of LUGI held at Bangalore between 19/09/2003 and 21.09.2003 and the theme was “Beyond Limits”.

The second Annual Convention of LUGI held at Goa between 09.09.2004 and 12.09.2004 and the theme was “Reach Out”.

The third Annual Convention of LUGI held at Hyderabad between 01.09.2005 and 4.09.2005 and the theme was “Touch a Life, Make a difference”.


In the First Annual Convention held at Bangalore, the Executive Committee has decided to form a Trust for the purpose of funding, opening, aiding or assisting Educational, Medical, Technological, Charitable or Religious institutions of an allied or similar nature with a view to impart education and train young persons (boys and Girls) and adults in educative and vocational pursuits and particularly having in mind the development of character, moral and spiritual of the younger generation so as to become useful, fearless and law abiding citizens in India.

LUGI is a non profit organization run by the members, for the members and of the members. The HeadQuarters is Coimbatore

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