Aims & Objectives


Promote Professional fraternity among life insurance professionals in India.

Enhance their educational and professional standards

Promote cooperation and exchange of sales, business and technical ideas and practices among practitioners.

Provide an avenue for fellowship and coopepration.

Develop customer relationship.

Self management and self analysis exercise.


The Professional Ethics encouraged by LUGI are as follows:

(1) To always place the best interests of our clients above our own.

(2) To maintain the highest level of professional competence so that our clients Receive the best advice.

(3) To hold in the strictest confidence all privileged business and personal Information pertaining to our clients affairs.

(4) To make full and adequate disclosure of facts necessary to enable our clients To make an intelligent decision.

LUGI is expected to cooperate with Life Insurance Companies and Financial Services Organisations in the development and expansion on Insurance services and other Financial Services in India.

The ultimate aim of the organization is to raise the status and advance the interest of the profession of Insurance Agents and Financial services Providers in India and to establish and enforce a code of ethics ,discipline in the profession.

To establish fund for scholarships and to assist and encourage members seeking education , instruction or proficiency in the profession of Life Insurance Agents and Financial Services Providers.

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