The TOP 10 reasons you’ll find from the members of LUGI !!

It has been experienced throughout the world that only self help organizations helped the marketing force and especially agency force to upgrade their knowledge, skills and change their mindset towards professionalization.

In general the most or almost all Life Insurance Companies may not have the patience or time or enthusiasm to develop the skills because of other priorities like business target, And hence self help group can alone can fill up the gap.

Life Underwriters Guild of India (LUGI) has taken the initiative towards this great job in India and promoting the following activities to develop any marketing person a full time professional.

We had been interacting with lots of LUGI members, veterans of the industry; Financial services professionals, Development officers of the Insurance Industry, agents…across the country! The following points they had shared with us. Now it’s for you!

Why LUGI#1

Promote Professionalism

The Life Underwriters Guild of India is aimed at promoting professionalism of life insurance selling in India. This will be done through various joint educational and professional training courses, seminars and conventions etc., this will raise the standard of professionalism and business practices of Life Insurance, Non Life Insurance, Health Insurance companies of both private & Public sectors and Financial Services Organizations and agency leaders in India.

Why LUGI#2

Professional Fraternity and Friendship

Many experienced…Still experiencing, in every educational programs…

The Life Underwriters Guild of India meetings and educational programmes promote professional fraternity and friendship among life insurance sales professionals in India.

Why LUGI#3

Regional Training and Education

For better understanding, the propose of training should be region wise!

Through the Life Underwriters Guild of India concept, regional sales, management and technical seminars, workshops, conventions and courses are co-ordinated and organized to promote educational standards and professionalism.


Why LUGI#4

Life Insurance Business Development and Productivity

Many of our members have experienced, their business development has increased multi fold after their association with LUGI!

The Life Underwriters Guild of India concept facilitate and promote the business development and productivity of life agents, field managers and agency force of life companies. By increasing productivity and enhancing business development, the services and benefits of life insurance can be rendered to a wider population. The Life Underwriters Guild of India concept will promote higher agents’ and agency leaders’ productivity and professional excellence.

Why LUGI#5

Exchange of Ideas and Experiences

Members learn from each other, from their success stories, achievements!

The Life Underwriters Guild of India will provide the opportunities for professionals in the life insurance sales career to fraternize, exchange ideas, motivate and inspire fellow members. Members can learn from each other their business practices, success standards and achievements, innovation and changes and country experience.

Why LUGI#6

Improve Practice development competence, Planning and Services

Yes! LUGI helps to improve the professional competence!

Through exchange of innovative ideas and practice experiences among members, the Life Underwriters Guild of India help life insurance sales professionals in the country, improve their professional practice, competence, planning and services.

Why LUGI#7

Promote Goodwill and Understanding

LUGI promotes Goodwill & understanding among the members of different states & different cultural background.

The Life Underwriters Guild of India meetings help promotes understanding, goodwill and friendship among members in the profession. In a world of change and uncertainty, the gathering together of members of the same profession from different states in the country, is so essential to promote peace, goodwill, mutual understanding and respect.

Why LUGI#8

Professional Pride, Prestige and Image

The LEAP awards are exclusively for the LUGI members! During the annual convention, the awardees are being honoured!
The Life Underwriters Guild of India helps individuals to mature and develop life insurance sales professionalism and business excellence. This will enhance the professional pride, dignity, self-esteem and image of the life insurance professionals.

Why LUGI#9

Public Awareness: Economic and Social Worth

Forges New Strategies to enhance public awareness & understanding, build positive perceptions!
The Life Underwriters Guild of India forge new strategies to enhance public awareness and understanding; build positive perceptions of the role of life insurance professionals and the life insurance industry in the development of economic strength and social stability in the region.

Why LUGI#10

Education and practical courses

LUGI upgrades their members’ in their professional front.
The Life Underwriters Guild of India Upgrades their members Life Insurance, Non Life Insurance, Health Insurance companies of both private & Public sectors and Financial Services Organizations,  in their professional front.

The Financial Services industry in undergoing sea change!

The members of the LUGI are provided with an option to take up the educational & practical courses like,

FChFP: – SIX module courses to get upgraded as Fellow designate Chartered Financial Practitioner!

Time Value of Money: an online e-learning course is also available, for the beginners!

Certificate in Insurance Planning:

A course will boost the insurance agent of his skill to pitch the right plan for the right customer at the right time, to fulfil his financial needs.CERTIFICATE IN INSURANCE PLANNING is a certificate program, a two module course, with personal finance & risk management as core subjects.

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