FChFP Programme

The FChFP – Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioner program is a professional Certification program designed for the Financial Service Professionals like Insurance Advisors, Financial Intermediaries, Mutual Fund Distributors, Employees of Financial Service Companies, Banks, Insurance, Asset management companies, All IMD’s of the industry in various levels, who would like to become Financial Practitioners capable of offering Comprehensive Financial Solutions.

FChFP programme is provided on classroom—based, on part-time basis and designed for members of LUGI – Life Underwriters Guild of India, (web link) employed – directly or indirectly in Indian Financial Services industry.

The FChFP designation is awarded by Asia Pacific Financial Services Association, Singapore and the program is provided in India by LUGI – Life Underwriters Guild of India.


The FChFP programme is distinguished and unique in the following ways.

Qualified to Advice, Professionally:

FChFP Designates is able and willing to provide sound advice to their clients in a systematic manner, advising on all levels of comprehensive financial part,

FChFP advising on all levels of a comprehensive financial part.

FChFP Designates are fully qualified and experienced to advise their clients.


The FChFP curriculum is highly academic based as well practice oriented.

As part of the programme, real-life case studies are incorporated.

Continuing Education:

FChFP Designates is to have a minimum 30 hours continuing professional development education for every two years to maintain their designation.

FChFP Designates is always upgrading their skills and knowledge even after graduation.

Overseas Countries Preconisation:

The FCHFP designation has its presences in 9 different countries, and being recognised in 12 different countries.

The international recognition allows FChFP designates to be recognised as a fully qualified financial practitioner across Asia.

Candidates applying for FChFP programme must have 2 years of experience in the financial services and related industries.

A degree from an accredited educational institution is recognized as one year of business experience.

All candidates must be above 21 years of age to apply for the programme.

Those who apply for FChFP programme, in India have to maintain active membership with LUGI – Life Underwriters Guild of India.

The FChFP curriculum is based on post-graduate level content and thinking. It is like the first step towards a mini-MBA for financial advisers.

The FChFP programme is a professional designation programme targeted at Financial Services professionals. LUGI provides, the program, in India by Distance Education model keeping in view the requirements and constraints of working professionals.
The learning framework gives you the know-how to understand, analyse and adapt to the drivers of change that are shaping the future for financial advisers, and that is the essence of the curriculum of the FChFP programme.

The students enrolled would be provided the following to enable easy learning:
Quality Study Material: The study material provided is prepared by Qualified Financial Professionals written in a lucid language with practical orientation.

Prescribed Text Books: The study material could also consist of prescribed text books from reputed publishers, wherever required.

Work Books: The work books provided will consist of question banks and other practical exercises which help students to easily understand the concepts and fully prepare themselves for the examination.

FChFP program comprises of 6 modules covering various aspects of Personal Financial Planning.

  Module Title Lecture Hours Tutorial Hours
Module 1 Fundamentals of Investments and Financial Planning. 27 3
Module 2 Retirement Planning and Tax Concepts 27 3
Module 3 Investment Planning 27 3
Module 4 Risk Management and Legal Aspects 27 3
Module 5 Estate Planning and Tax planning for Individuals and Business Owners 27 3
Module 6 Financial Planning Applications Nil 12

All classes are conducted in a classroom with the minimum mandatory hours of teaching as indicated. The students have to obtain 70% attendance to become eligible to appear for the Examinations.
LUGI’s knowledge partners would provide the necessary inputs for local contents for each of the modules. LUGI, in consultation with the knowledge partners and academicians in India, would recommend local contents wherever necessary.

The examination should be attended in person at the respective centre. The cost of travel & accommodation, (if required) should be borne by the candidate / student. LUGI will not be responsible for any such costs.
The examination centre, date, timing etc will be informed by LUGI, at least 15 days before in writing.

FChFP examinations are conducted 6 times a year at major cities in India. The examinations schedule for the year would be provided to students in advance on enrollment.

The Examinations are conducted offline and the examination results would be announced within 15 days from the date of examination.

It is compulsory for the candidates to include Module 01 in their first registration for the examinations unless exempted.
They can register for Module 06 only after they have passed the examination of Modules 1 to 5. This is only to ensure that the candidates have the necessary foundational knowledge as they progress in their studies.
Candidates for FChFP 06 have a limit of three (3) examination attempts. Candidate who failed in the 3rd attempt will need to take the tutorial classes again.
There is no limit on the number of attempts a candidate can take for modules failed except for module 06.
APFinSA Secretariat at Singapore takes care of finalising examination schedule, date, time, preparing question papers and markings the answer scripts and the announcement of results.

For more details on class enrolment, kindly contact LUGI - Life Underwriters Guild of India.

The payment can be effected to the Bank accounts of LUGI, in any mode by the candidate & informing LUGI is good enough. The bank details will be provided in the Registration forms.

For Fee details, feel free to contact us by mail (lugi info mail id) / voice. (Lugi’s off no)
The candidate / student should have cleared the dues, if any to LUGI or any of the Chapters of LUGI before obtaining the Hall ticket for the Exam.
All payments to be effected to LUGI, as instructed from time to time.

Candidates may apply for exemptions at the time of registering for the first FChFP module. Once admitted into the programme, exemptions will no longer be applicable. For a list of approved exemptions, please refer to the APFinSA website or contact Life Underwriters Guild of India.
An exemption fee is payable for each module exempted and the maximum number of exemptions that can be granted to each candidate is five, regardless of the qualifications.

A) Educational Requirement

Candidates must comply with FChFP course requirements and pass all the six module examinations. On passing the 6th module, candidates may apply for the FChFP designation awarded by APFinSA. The passed student will have to pay one time certificate fee of Rs. 5,000/- (+S.T applicable) payable in favor of Life Underwriters Guild of India

B) Ethics Requirement

All candidates seeking FChFP designation must sign a statement agreeing to be bound by the Code of Ethics.

C) Continuing Professional Development

FChFP designation holders are required to acquire a minimum of 30
Hours of Continuing Professional Development credits for every two
Years. The CPD credits must be from approved educational activities.

D) Designation Fees

FChFP designation holders have to pay APFinSA the prescribed annual designation fee of Rs. 1,000/- in order to continuously use the designation.

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