CIP Certification


This Certification is a significant accreditation to the Industry, shall be preferred by the professional of the industry. The certificate is an identity to you as the completion of the course, meritoriously!

  • LUGI- Life underwriters Guild of India will be the certifying agency.
  • The Certificate of Merit will be issued by LUGI to the eligible candidates who have meritoriously completed the course.
  • The certificates will be issued within 30 days from the completion of the course.
  • The certification will be despatched by courier/ speed post or any other authorised mode, as decided by LUGI.
  • Option to receive the certification:
  • The Certification can also be received with honour in the midst of the Industry professionals & by the Dignitaries of LUGI during the LUGI’s annual convention, usually will be held During September of every year!
  • The certified student should be a registered delegate to attend the LUGI’s annual convention of the year at the time of receiving the certificate.
  • 17: Who else can Join / participate in this program?
  • The existing designated FChFP – Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioners’ of India, can join the course at their will & not compulsory.

The exemptions can be:

  • Optional to attend the Tutorial program. If needs to attend, the same clauses and conditions apply.
  • the courses materials can be obtained, if needed at cost, form LUGI.
  • A consolidated fee of Rs.3500/- which includes the Exam fees, certification fees, and rest of the terms & conditions are same.
  • The students of current batches of all or each module of FChFP programme Or any other course are NOT eligible to obtain or claim the certification of this CIP program as a roll over.
  • They need to go thru’ the same process as any other new candidates.

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