CIP Programme


The objective of this course is to teach candidates,   the fundamentals of financial planning & they can make informed advice related to spending, saving, borrowing, and investing that lead to long-term financial security.

Also the essential aspects of insurance contracts and the insurance industry, a more conceptual analysis and attention to business risk management.

Medium of Instruction:



This course Certificate in Insurance Planning – CIP-is designed to

a: To those who are willing to take insurance marketing as carrier.

b: This will be best suited to Financial Intermediaries / Insurance agents or just entered started up as Insurance agents.

c: College students, to those who wish to make an entry in to the Insurance sector – both in Life & Non-Life.

d: The practising Insurance Agents who wish to achieve higher income.

e: To any individual, as finical Literacy program.


Willing to learn to strive in their profession.


Minimum age: 18 yrs +

Minimum education: school leaving exam passed (12th standard equivalent) or the exam gateway to under graduation.

Work Experience:

for existing agents: Candidates applying must have 1 year or less  of full-time / part time  business experience in financial services and related industry.

for the college students, work experience can be waived of.

for an individual, who wish to acquire the financial literacy knowledge, work experience can be waived of.


The syllabus consists of a Single Module of study.

Personal Finance, Fundamentals of Investments, Insurance & Risk Management. (*a detailed syllabus may be obtained on request.)

A comprehensive note on the study

Personal Finance & Fundamentals of Investments
provides comprehensive coverage of personal financial planning,Using many financial planning tools with a step-by-step approach to help students identify and evaluate choices as well as understand the consequences of decisions in terms of opportunity costs.

Insurance, Risk Management & Legal Aspects
offers the essential aspects of insurance contracts and the insurance industry.

Click here for the detailed syllabus

Duration of the course:

Maximum period of 6 months.

A minimum of 60 days / 2 months should have been completed from the first day of the batch announcement or commencement.

  • Tutorial* hours: 15+ 15= 30 hrs of Tutorial to support the candidates enriching their knowledge to attempt the certificate course in an exemplary manner.  i.e.: 30 hrs @ 5 hrs of 6 days.
  • Six days need not be continues, can be as weekends or weekdays,    1 day of at least 5 hrs each day for 6 weeks.
  • This can spread over as 6 weekends + refresher program, for each module.
  • An attendance of 90%, i.e:27 hrs is mandatory to the candidate during the tutorial classes.

LUGI may organize a mock test, at the conclusion of the module, before the scheduled exam.

Tutorial is Optional*

(i) The tutorial sessions can be organised in different centres, the following conditions apply.

(ii) Minimum strength of 25 required in that centre / town.

(iii) The tutorial expenses will be borne by the participants by sharing.

(iv) The cost of the tutorial program is not included in the cost of the course.

(v) The cost of attending – travel to the tutorial will be borne by the participants.

(vi) The tutorial classes will be organised by LUGI or their local chapters in concurrence with LUGI headquarters.

(vii) Eminent & efficient tutors will be organised & deputed by LUGI.

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