Every day, we come across too many people who make poor financial decisions that bring them down from riches to rags. Implications of decisions taken on financial well-being can be both short term and long term. However, such decisions cannot be taken on hindsight. It requires a well-rounded knowledge on the subject, market and personal financial condition.

That’s why more and more people are turning to professionals who are able to apply their knowledge and skill to provide sound advice for healthy and prosperous living.

Take a step forward

You will find many people who without formal education are able to successfully practice managing wealth and investments. You may be tempted to try the same. However, you should realize that these advisors have gained significant experiences the hard way and have acquired the skill they possess today, on trial and error basis. Markets then were not so sensitive / volatile; customers were also not too adverse to such tactics. But in the modern world, you cannot take the long haul to gain insight on wealth transformation.

The best way to equip yourself and been seen as a professional is through formal education that moulds you with the balance of training, skill development and practical knowledge.

LUGI presents CIP (Certificate in Insurance Planning)

Life Underwriters Guild of India has been in the forefront of transforming insurance and financial advisors across India. It has been holding seminars, educational meets, conventions to impart knowledge and has provided a sound platform for skill development.

LUGI has also been accredited by APFinSA to offer FChFP (Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner) in India and has been successfully conducting the same for several years, building professionals and standing tall in stature as a knowledge house..

LUGI now launches Certificate in Insurance Planning, a course created to provide fundamental working knowledge on personal finance, risk management and practical aspects of insurance planning.

Your gateway to Professionalism

The Certificate in Insurance Planning course is designed to adequately equip you with conceptual and practical understanding of financial and risk planning. Within a short span of meticulously going through the course, you will be able amply appreciate the terminologies, concepts, practical applications of wealth management from a functional perspective. You will be exposed to market trends with practical case studies and applications.

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