CIP Fees & Examinations

Frequency of the exams: 

Every six months.

Two exams an year, during MAY & NOVEMBER of the calendar year will be conducted.

The exams will be on the Last Saturday of these months.

Detailed dates will be announced at the time of joining the course.


Mode, Pattern, Duration & Scores of the exam:

Mode: Currently on off line mode.

LUGI has the rights to switch to change the mode & as required.

Examination Pattern: MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions pattern.

The examination will be for duration of 3 hrs,

The candidate can score 100% as maximum. But a minimum of 70% is required to get a pass & to complete the course meritoriously on every attempt.

LUGI has the rights to switch or change the examination pattern as required. The changes will be informed at the time of commencement of the course. A detailed note will be circulated at the time of commencement of the batch.

Attempts for the examination:

LUGI wishes every candidate to get certified meritoriously in the first attempt.

The candidate can attempt maximum of 3 Attempts, (including the first) within 18 months of the commencement of the course.

The candidate should pay the Examination fee every time, for every re appearance.

Failing after 3 attempts, if so, re – registration with a fee, as decided by LUGI for the course is mandatory in addition to Mandatory tutorial class attendance.

Examination Fee:

An examination fee is involved for every appearance of the examination. LUGI will be announcing the fee at the time of commencements of the course. May be Rs. 1000/-+ST applicable.

Certification Fee: LUGI may announce at the commencement of the Batch, if any.

Certification fee may be paid along with the other costs of materials or fee at the beginning of the course.

The Certificate will be issued on completion of the course, if successfully & meritoriously completed.

Distance Education Method:

The distance education method of this program is available. The course materials will be organized by LUGI. The cost of shipment of the course materials will be borne by LUGI for the students within India.

The course can be attempted by “Self Study” method. The candidate should take the responsibility to study by themselves. Quires if any, limited to study can be responded by the mail mode only, by the faculties.

The examination should be attended in person at the respective centre. The cost of travel & accommodation, (if required) should be borne by the candidate / student.

LUGI will not be responsible for any such costs.

The examination centre, date, timing etc will be informed by LUGI, at least 30 days before in writing.

Course Fee

The registration fee & the cost of the course material (including the cost of the Financial Calculator & the book on Time Value of money) for both modules will be Rs.7540/-( plus taxes as applicable). If any change, LUGI will be informing at the time of registration.

Mode of payment : The Course fee of Rs.7540/- (plus taxes) can paid in single instalment.The payment can be effected to the Bank accounts of LUGI, in any mode by the candidate & informing LUGI is good enough. The bank details will be provided in the Registration forms.

Terms & condiions

The candidate should have cleared the dues, if any to LUGI or any of the Chapters of LUGI before obtaining the Hall ticket for the Exam.

All payments to be effected to LUGI, as instructed from time to time.

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